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Sherri Hanna grew up in south Florida, spending her time drawing and swimming. She came to California for college on a swimming scholarship and never left. After earning a Fine Art degree at Stanford, she continued to pursue her passion for art while also working in restaurants, retail, and high tech. After over a decade in high tech, she and her husband moved to the coast and started a family. For the past few years she has been able to spend dedicated time in her studio painting and drawing. In 2016 she began producing monthly shows for local artists at 337 Mirada ART. The gallery proved so popular that it is now open every weekend. Her work can be found in corporate offices and private homes. In addition, she sells her original art as 40+ premium consumer goods from art prints to yoga mats.


Artist Statement:

We are all called to create. My compulsion is to make visible the inner landscape: images that convey emotions and experiences. I work abstractly, hoping to draw you into my paintings to make your own discoveries of the joy of being alive. Sometimes I start with a specific image or intention; other times I start by laying down color and responding to the images that are created subconsciously. My palette is inspired by sky and sea: memories of dawn breaking over pools I’ve trained in, palm trees before a thunderstorm, sunsets in coastal California, the ever-changing colors of the ocean as seen from the shore and underwater. In the end, I paint because it makes me happy. Stepping into the flow of the creative process, I lose sense of time and self, ending each session renewed and content.